Welcome to TrafficWave and 1K Team

At the moment this site is under construction, so just the basic info right now.

I have a special “Inner Circle” list – if you join it I will be able to contact you with important updates and new information: http://trackr.leadsleap.com/w2180njc – Thank you.

This site is only for the eyes of people who joined TrafficWave
and my part of 1K Team.

As you know my name is Margaret (Malgorzata Bukojemska)
and I’m from Poland (Europe).

I joined TrafficWave with Ben Olszewski’s 1K Team on November 10th, 2017.

We all – you, Ben and I – we all TrafficWave affiliates.

Brian Rooney is the owner and creator of TrafficWave.

TrafficWave has been launched in the year 2000
and is registered in the Unites States under this name: Hamney Roobright, Inc.

Although Ben Olszewski says “I will market for you until you earn $1K/mo”
(only paid members can ask him to add their TW link to his rotator)
The main goal of 1K Team is to turn every newbie into a seasoned marketer.

Please remember – even Ben Olszewski started as a newbie 🙂
And Brian Rooney – the creator of TW was not born with his present knowledge 🙂

I (Margaret) don’t feel as a seasoned marketer yet.
But I’m slowly advancing from a nursery to a pre-school 🙂
Please do not think of me as a guru.

It took me long years to learn English sufficiently to be able to tell you all this below.
To understand and be able to answer your questions.
And my English still isn’t perfect…

The most important lessons I learned during my years of failure online:
>> No-one can build my business and income for me.
>> Nothing solid and long-lasting can be build overnight.
>> If I want to achieve success (in any field)
     I must not only learn how to do this correctly (the right steps)
     but also invest my time (and money if possible).

With 1K Team — YOU are building YOU
The Truth About 1K Team
Click HERE to read what I mean.

PAID TrafficWave members can ask Ben
to add their TW link to Ben’s rotator

As a free member you can join our group as well and start learning from Ben by watching his videos.

1) – Join our FaceBook Group:

2) – Carefully read this:

3) If you agree, follow the instructions in the above post.
Please remember to paste the Income Disclaimer into your email to Ben.

Being on the Team Rotator does NOT mean that you receive any referrals.

Learn how to use TW Autoresponder

Training videos prepared by Brain Rooney (TW creator)

  • To successfully use any tool (even a hammer) you must know how to operate it.  
  • TW autoresponder is a marketing tool.
  • A tool indispensable to build a list.  
  • Every one who is making money online has a long list of subscribers.

To earn commission as TW affiliate

1) You must register as an Affiliate:

After TW sends you the email with your password:

1) Log into your TW account

2) Click “Affiliate Mgr”

3) At the top of the page you will see the pink box – follow the instructions

2) You must be a paid member

      – even if upon joining you entered your payment details
        and TW will automatically charge your PayPal or Credit/Debit Card
        after your 30-day free trials ends,
        until you are billed for the first time you are a free member

        So, if you have your 1st paid referral during your 30-day trial
        – upgrade your account by Sunday the same week at the latest
        or you will not receive your Fast Track Bonus.

      – if your sponsor PIFed you through Matrix Buster
        until your enter your payment details, TrafficWave will not be able
        to pay you your Fast Track Bonus.

3) You must have referrals.

     You can start promoting TrafficWave as a free member of course,
     just please remember that only paid members can earn.

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